William Weber

I’m an IT engineer/multi purpose consultant specialised on network and hardware design with QA and security focus additionally.

Living on the sunny coast of Croatia my girlfriend and I are involved in various companies and open-source projects (see some on the projects page) as well as providing sponsorship in monetary, service and education form to various organisations.

I currently work as Senior engineer at a US based high-tech company, providing consulting services to external customers as well as directly owned companies and participating interests aside.

My primary consulting fields include network design (IX’s, MPLS, routing hardware..), datacenter setup/design, IP/AS registration/acquiral in all regions, transit and peering worldwide remote and local, low cost storage/backup and VPS technology/operation.

I have Scrum and Kanban experience both as client and lead/master, working across continents with remote teams by leveraging extensive language interpretation skills as well as ability to lay out plans and technology understandable for any knowledge level from 1st level support to investors.

Outside of work we enjoy many (so many!) TV shows/movies, travel all around the world also extending our contact network, electronic music in all forms and nerd things as building GPU clusters or our rack at home.


IP6.IM - Promotes IPv6 adoption globally via free IP space and tunnels, also including BGP for multihoming/redundancy purposes of any size ISPs

IPv4 LTD - IPv4/IPv6 broker/seller with Israeli and EU offices, offering a large range of LIR services from single /24 rental to sale-ready VPS/Dedicated setups in all regions.

FuslVZ LTD - FuslVZ (owned in majority by my girlfriend) provides free virtual servers/other hosting services for primarily development usage while providing a social environment in IRC to share knowledge and interests.

AS204136 / FuslVZ Anycast - The FuslVZ anycast network is a high-end DDoS protected DNS resolver network also in use for global BGP monitoring and PoC’s of anycast hosted/enhanced services.

mtr.sh - mtr.sh Is a public network ping and traceroute service, the software used is opensource and we provide currently 75+ public testing locations across all continents (Except Antarctica..).

BGPView - BGPView is a BGP monitoring and route visibility plus internet exchanges connected ISPs by exchanges and other metrics. We primarily provide BGPView with backend code design/review and BGP data from our networks.

AS203661 - “William’s Finest Anycast” - My personal 15+ location anycast network used for BGP and network monitoring, tightly integrated into mtr.sh and BGPView.

Rage4 / AS198412 - Medium scale anycast and DNS provider (partner) provided with incubator services by us for start up; now successful in it’s field, with me holding the position of Chief Network Architect.
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